Utility-detection is a two-step process, employing both radio detection and GPR. Our goal is to identify the type and location of these utilities in order to prevent damage to them and the surrounding environment as well as protect your workers on the job site.

To provide the most comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based services should be used in conjunction with your state’s one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession.  Voyager Drilling is proud of our commitment to safety, and we encourage our clients to obtain as much information as possible about project areas in order to ensure a secure and responsible work environment.

Voyager Drilling can provide global positioning system (GPS) technology for use on your locating projects, such as environmental surveys and the detection of underground utility layouts. In conjunction with our GPR and electromagnetic induction technologies, we can use a hand-held GPS device to create a comprehensive map of the underground area of your job site that then can be overlaid onto CAD documents and / or Google Earth maps.

Utilizing GPS technology along with our GPR and EMI services will give you a permanent record of the physical reference points of your project area’s underground environmental / utility layout.

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