Voyager Drilling


At Voyager Drilling, quality is more than a process; it’s an attitude from top to bottom. Throughout the entire organization and in every phase of operation, Voyager Drilling is trained to check specifications, inspect, measure, caliper and function test every piece of equipment before it goes in the hole and nothing is taken for granted. Whether components are new or under repair, qualified service technicians put them through the same battery of tests and visual inspections. Operators in the field re-test every tool to ensure nothing was damaged in transit. Service records and QA reports are available upon request for any piece of equipment Voyager Drilling ships to a location.



Voyager Drilling strives to ensure that all areas of the workplace, under their direct control, conform with accepted industry practices as a minimum standard and that all employees are assured a healthful environment to pursue their careers. The family culture at Voyager Drilling promotes fellow employees watching out for one another and encourages employee input anytime health issues arise. Environments outside of Voyager Drilling direct control, such as the rig site, are monitored by the directional drillers for safe operating procedures. If warranted, management will intervene to ensure the proper steps are initiated to correct the situation.

The day-to-day business activities stay rolling from our committed foreman and journeymen.