In addition to the horizontal directional drill rigs, Voyager Drilling supports each project with a self-contained fluid management vehicle, vacuum truck to remove drilling fluids and well-development water, and a support vehicle equipped with welding gear, tools, and parts.

The DigiTrak Eclipse® system is a walkover locating system that relies on a transmitter or sonde that is placed in a housing located behind the drill bit. The sonde sends a signal to the surface and is picked up by a receiver held by the locator. The locator is able to monitor the path of the bore by reading and analyzing the data provided by the receiver, the information includes “tool face” and “pitch”, a depth reading is calculated by using signal strength. The receiver is calibrated prior to beginning the bore. The drilling rig equipped with a remote receiver that also allows the driller to receive, analyze, and record the locating data.

The day-to-day business activities stay rolling from our committed foreman and journeymen.